Companion Care

A wide range of companion care services are offered at home, in the hospital, or in healthcare facility settings. Whether you need elderly companion care services, senior companion care services, 24 hour home, or companion care for a loved one who is chronically ill or recovering from surgery

Homemaker Services

We provide a variety of personal Homemaker Services and aid to assist with the activities of daily living—giving you additional peace of mind and your family member the dignity and comfort he or she deserves.

Respite Care

For you, caring for your loved one is simply a part of daily life. Whether they are an elderly or chronically ill family member, or a loved one with a disability, it’s something that you do out of love—because you care.

Services for Veterans

You’ve got your hands full at work, home and on the soccer field. We can help. Comforting, Loving & Helping Hands, doesn’t only provide exceptional non-medical home care to seniors and those with disabilities, Veterans, we also come to the rescue of pregnant and new mothers, busy families and people recovering from illness or surgery who just need a little extra assistance with the day-to-day. Whatever you need to manage your household with total ease, we can help you juggle your many responsibilities. You might just end up with a minute or two to do something just for you.

Providing Peace of Mind

When someone you love can’t take care of themselves like they used to, a million different things run through your mind. You worry about their health and safety: their quality of life. You might wonder if you’ll be able to balance taking care of them while taking care of yourself and your own family. You wonder if they’ll be able to stay at home, but if they do, then what? You want to be there for them like they’ve been there for you, but how can you be sure of what to do?